Friday, August 14, 2009

another moment lost in an instance(((((or do you overstand me mayne)))))

so, i don't know how many y'all been on this shit, or not, since the posts are so fuggin sporadic. but. not being a douche or an arsehole much but there are situations that can't be categorized in a blarggh entry or anything as fucking cliche as that. regardless, though, i can't talk on certain expectations or things of that matter, because if i saw you out in the street and i was like "ohh, you remember ol' girl from ______? i heard she got all fucked up now and is barely out there" and of course since you don't know that said person you're thinking "nah, i don't remember that person cuzzie" it'd be like oh, you need to take a walk in my shoes to fully get the point or not. whatever, though its almost like not an instance of being there in the moment that i'm in...but more or less, a feeling that you gain from going through thangs. i fear for the future though, because my path is uncertain. if @ any point you are scratching your head wondering wtf i'm rambling about...well, either you missed the point entirely or don't/can't/won't/refuse to discern what exactly i happen to be on.

"Locc to da brain insane every day all day its e-b-k
Where niggaz load they straps cause the rivals on the way"

if you don't get it, you never will.

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